Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dinner for Two

My housemate is already went back to Sabah for her Raya celebration. She will be in Sabah till 14th September. Almost two weeks off from work.

So, guess what? Only me and my Yong2 in this house until 7th September. My 16 years old sister will come over to take care Yong2 till 14th. Well, Yong2's baby sitter also need break right?. She is going back to Kelantan on 8th and coming back on 14th also.

This coming Raya celebration, i do not take any leave. First, the raya ticket is so expensive. Second, my annual leave balance is just enough for 2 weeks leave at the end of year. So, save it for Christmas.

Okay enough mumbling for nothing. Lets check out what exactly is my post title about.

Last night, i cooked simple dishes for me and Yong2. Nothing so special about the dishes because you also know how to cook it. Veeeerrryyy ordinary..hehehe!

Show you the drink first. Mixed of Fresh Mango juice (preffered the PEEL OFF from MARIGOLD) and Fresh Milk..taste yummy especially when its cold. Rich with Vitamin A,C and E. Try it. :)

Hehehe..he is so co-operating. He sip the drink for the camera actually.

Not forgetting Yong2's favorite dishes: finger chicken nuggets. He usually loves eating sausage (he pronounces it 'totej) very much but i change it sometimes to other ready made chicken product for variety.

Fried fish. Ikan Kerisi. Correct me if i'm wrong ya. I kind of weak remembering fish name. If you look closely, you will see 'sisik ikan' still on the fried fish. Purposely leave it there coz i like eating it. Rangup ba bila makan..tapi kena goreng garing la. Actually i want to cook Ikan Masak Sambal but i feel lazy already after i fried the fish.

Chicken and mix vegetable soup..I usually use chicken wings to make chicken soup. Do you know why? this part has less and very thin flesh..more bones, which i like so much. I'm sure my close friends like Cath and Nc knows what my choice is if we have meal at KFC restaurant. 'ribs or drumstick please'. If my hubby is dining together with us, i'll dump all flesh to him and take the bones only.hehehe, poor hubby!

The last but not least; mixed vegie (bitter gourd and capsicum, peas, corn/maize, carrot) with chicken frankfurters with onion and cheese. Different version of mix vegie, right? well, that's all i found in the fridge.

All the dishes is not complete without this. small of cut of red chillies, lime juice and chopped onion..Yong2 will say ' pedas kan Ma'. Yes, it is. But i makes me to go for second round of steam rice. Hehe..
Thats all for our dinner last night.

Think: how good if my hubby was here.(:

Oops..wait, let me guess what you think. 'Did i finished all the dishes alone?'
You are right for whatever you think in your mind.:)

Till then.