Thursday, July 22, 2010

Words Of The Day

Its really working hours today. And there are two statements of friends that really made my day.

Number 1:

A friend commented on my FB status yesterday:

'You are the most strongest person i ever met! Stay strong.'

I say: Yes, i am glad for it. I never thought i could be this strong. It's not from my own strength. Its from God. I am still doing hard to stay strong and that is with God's mercy. Glad that someone realize that value in me. ;)

Number 2:

I am one of the 'Pegawai Peperiksaan Jabatan'. So, a statement in our meeting just now:

'Kali ni, kita bersedialah untuk 'sibuk sedikit' sebab kita akan buat dari A-Z. Pegawai2 di unit peperiksaan akan buat 'razor' sahaja.'

I say: Ya, 'Sibuk sikit saja'. With a BIG smile in our face leaving the 'Bilik Khas'. That means, in the time ahead i (we) will work like a machine but hey will try to take a break with KITKAT!. Hehhe..

Nice day people!