Thursday, July 22, 2010

Words Of The Day

Its really working hours today. And there are two statements of friends that really made my day.

Number 1:

A friend commented on my FB status yesterday:

'You are the most strongest person i ever met! Stay strong.'

I say: Yes, i am glad for it. I never thought i could be this strong. It's not from my own strength. Its from God. I am still doing hard to stay strong and that is with God's mercy. Glad that someone realize that value in me. ;)

Number 2:

I am one of the 'Pegawai Peperiksaan Jabatan'. So, a statement in our meeting just now:

'Kali ni, kita bersedialah untuk 'sibuk sedikit' sebab kita akan buat dari A-Z. Pegawai2 di unit peperiksaan akan buat 'razor' sahaja.'

I say: Ya, 'Sibuk sikit saja'. With a BIG smile in our face leaving the 'Bilik Khas'. That means, in the time ahead i (we) will work like a machine but hey will try to take a break with KITKAT!. Hehhe..

Nice day people!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zoi, good for you....and your friends are right, you being a 'strong woman'....
looking after a kid, office work, cooking at home....that all requires strength...
Have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

nc said...

i want to be strong2 oso hehe makan besi la ni supaya kuat segala2 ny :)

Zoi said...

Thanks for dropping by Uncle Lee.
Well, there is nothing else i can do. Never thought dat i'll run life away from my hubby after having my son. Its all about commitment to work.

Nc, ya mesti strong2 ni kita. walau pun hampir gagal melakukannya.