Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do you fart while u are sleeping?

Don't say you don't!

Hehehehee...because i did last night.

Very funny. Right after i farted, i woke up. Hahahaha! i asked my housemate either they heard any 'magical sound' or smelled 'new brand of perfume' last night or not.

Luckily, they didn't heard or smelled anything. And the good thing is, i'm not the only one who is farting while sleeping. My other friends do as well. So, nda malu la.

That is beyond our control, right?

Banyak lagi orang suka kentut sana sini. Kentut depan wife or hubby, boyfriend / girlfriend. Tapi yang paling suka kentut terang-terang ni ialah lelaki. Sorry to mention that guys! (*-^)My hubby la. Always do. Tapi takpe, kentut pun jadi wangi kalau dah sayang..hahaa!

The WORST is when the person is farting in the elevator. One of my ex-colleague told us he did it sometimes. With a strategy somemore. He told me, he farted when he is about to stepped out from the elevator. Apa lagi, menyumpah-nyumpah la orang dalam lif tu. Adoiii la..

Note: Jangan kentut time temuduga ye. Especially, bila dah kena confirm 'Congratulation, you are hired'! Nanti kena pecat terus macam dalam cerita STEP BROTHER tu.

Hehhee..tiba2 cakap pasal kentut pula.

Apa pun kentut la untuk kesihatan. HAHHAHA...

(My mind gone crazy today!)