Sunday, April 4, 2010

Life is jusssst goood!!

Dear blog,
I couldn't be a determine blogger anymore i guess..its not because i have nothing to write about but, i am too careful about time recently. My precious Yong2 is with me since three months ago and i just could not let the blogging or facebook-ing or net surfing steal the time that i should spend with my precious Yong2 on weekend or whenever i have free time. Since then, i also canceled all outdoors activities just because i want to be with him - my son. Like there is no tomorrow to do that.

This week, i supposed to go traveling to Bukit Gambang Resort City , Pahang with my students to celebrate their success in organizing their last semester project last Thursday. Hubby gave me green light to join since i'll bring my son along but unfortunately, i canceled it because i am not sure of untoward incident along the journey plus i don't want to take the risk. Another trip i canceled is to Gopeng Perak for rafting in which actually i really wanted to go..hmm..maybe next time.

I also canceled my driving class yesterday and i did the same to my facial treatment appointment. So, this weekend i just stayed at home taking care my son and to be more frank, there is no more 'boring' in my life even i'm not going anywhere on weekend.

All i need to be happy is my precious Yong2. He grown up. Very spoil, super active, smart, cheerful, demanding and the list goes on. I guess he is just like other kid. He is a boy some more, so what u expect for a little boy in his age would behave?hmm..if you are a mom, you know it.

He will turn 2 years old this coming 22nd April. Still thinking either ask hubby to come down to JB and celebrate it here or me and Yong2 fly back to Sabah and celebrate it there? It would be nice gathering with all i love back there though. So, i think i'll do a mini celebration here since 22nd falls on weekday and another celebration at home in Sabah. That's it!

My Precious Yong2