Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do not be a square, Be a circle.

Early morning today while waiting for my office mate to fetch me to work, a thought came across my mind:


Kesian ini tembikai square kalau kena tendang kan..sakit perut nanti kalau makan.:)


Nah..dia suruh lagi tendang...

wE All kNoW, tHeRe aRe Vast MeSSaGes wE CouLD GeT aNd InTERpratE FrOm tHe QuOTE aBoVEd.

BUt, todaY i lOveD to tHink it LikeWise.

IF i wErE given A ChOiCE whICH ShAPe I WouLD Be. NeIthEr OnE.

if i ChOOSe To bE A SqUAre, tHe GooD ThinG IS I Am StAbLe In PoSitION. NO Need To Be ScARed Of FaLLing Or ROllInG FrOm WhEre You Are PlaCed. PeopLe AlsO Not InTerEsteD to KiCk You SinCe aFrAid Of GettING PAin KIckEd Your VerTiCes. YoU SaFe! ..:)

In many people thought, a person choosing square is not good because they say square means you are not open minded, limited to the space where you are, and..bla bla..

How ABout Being a ciRCle? Its not my choice NEitHer. Why? PeOpLE maY EasIly fool YoU ArOunD; EasiLy MocKEd; KiCk YouR AsS.

In many people thought again, a circle means you are very open minded, can go everywhere you want because even wind when blowing will help you to move, without others helped.

Could not agree with me? Don't argue. Nda da maknanya..hehee!
This is a very bold idea, without help from any famous Philosopher , with my empty stomach early morning.

Paling penting..idea ini adalah SAJA-SAJA di buat. Tiada kena mengena dengan yang hidup atau yang nda hidup..hehheeh!.

Don't take it seriously!!

Till then