Friday, March 13, 2009

Malacca Trip

Thanks God today i can warm up my chair again. I can say that since i switched to POLITEKNIK JOHOR BAHRU last month, Its already scheduled that i only can update my blog every Friday. Its because my lecturing schedule is a bit tight as i have 7 classes every week (from Mon - Tue) which is equal to 16 hours teaching per week. So tiring. The good things in this college is Friday for most of the lecturers are 'time off'. Means no class. Friday is usually for meeting , replacement class, edu trip and etc. So here, its really 'Thanks GOD its Friday' for me.

With this 'time off'' as well i have chance to post some of the picts i took last weekend on my visit to Malacca Town. Another thanks God from me because i didn't have to pay for accommodation while i was in Malacca. My brother's house is big enough to accommodate me for 3days and 2nights visit.

Here goes the pictures:

At the Enduring Beuty Museum

Tatooing is Rajahan in Malay. I just got to know!

Other Attractions:

My dream came true. I'm on a trishaw ride! RM40 per hours to go around the Malacca historical city.

Wrongly spelled or what? The 'Karabau'

Sungai Melaka

Trishaws are decorated with flowers. Pretty impressive!

St. Paul at the top of St. Paul Hill (i guess some irresponsible visitor took the right hands of St Paul)

with brother

The Taming Sari Tower and The Eyes On Malaysia. View from the top of St Paul Hill.

There are many more pictures i took but i'll post it another time. Till then, have a nice weekend to all!