Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stage Fright

I just finished my EEP course for today.

The morning slot was a bit interesting. Learn about communicative grammar. Opps, not learn. It is to more recap in exact. I admitted that i'm not good in grammar and still lacking of proper vocabularies to write proper sentences. The slot was intended to freshen the participant's memories in using proper grammar in teaching..the part that i am weak..:( Still practicing though..huhu

While in the afternoon it was the public speaking slot. Yes, public speaking! Not many seems to like it. me neither. Haha..

anyone feel like doing this?

With the topic of 'self introduction', participants were given 3 minutes talk of the very easy topic given. Guided some more with points prepared by the speaker.

i tell you is not as easy as writing the draft of your speech when come to the presentation before other fellows. Cikgu pun pandai nervous ni kalau kena suruh bercakap di depan orang yang bukan students..haha..ironi kan. Padahal, setiap hari buat public speaking depan kelas.

Most participants did well in term of self-confidence but grammatically, not all did well including me..hehe. But like the speakers concluded after the slot, the first aim of the activity is to gain self confidence. Grammar, tidak i guess all did well la sebab semua dapat cakap di depan..

For me, i did mistake also in the beginning of my speech..i said 'right now i feel stomach in my butterflies'...hahhahaa, that's a sign of truly attacked by stage fright! I supposed to say 'i feel butterflies in my stomach'! hahahahha....100x!

Tommorrow, will be doing micro-teaching fully in English but in a smaller group. Another stage fright coming?..huhu..we will see. ;)

Till then.