Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Yeepp..i feel so good. Its because every things are in order. For Week 3 teaching and learning process this semester, everything are in accordance with my lesson plan. :) Yippie!

Even though this semester i handle all 5 courses with NO SHARING, there is a good thing about it. I am the boss, i decide all things alone, no need to wait others for any decision regarding teaching and learning process. A bit tired in fact..but hey, will not let my self do the preaching all the times in class right? Sometimes need to hear from students, let my self sit down and listen to them presenting whatever topic given.

And among the days in a week, Wednesday is the day that i'm most occupied.
Started with 2 hours class from 8.00am-10.00.
And the next battle is at 11.15am-12.15am and 1.15am-2.15am. Both are Hospitality Law class. Seems there is no lunch time for Wednesday, right?
Because here, staffs need to drive out from polytechnic to have lunch. I remember my old office ACIC, 1 hour break is more than enough since the office is inside the shopping complex and so convenience to get food at any time.

Oops..first i plan to write a few line only for this entry but ended up with 4 paragraphs. haha!

Okay, got to go now. Mau get ready kelas law pula lepas ni.

Nice day friends.