Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yong2 at Zoo Johor

This is the place where i and Yong2 and two more friends went today.
The 2nd zoo i been after Lok Kawi Wildlife Park in Sabah a year ago.
Nothing is extra special about this zoo except for some animals that i never see alive and they are:

I don't know what kind of animal is this. Just weird but it really shows that it does not happy being there. Poor bird!

Hey, i was so lucky to see this 'arrogant' peacock. Dia kembangkan ekor dia yang cantik bila saja kami sampai di dekat sangkar..lepas tu dia posing2 beautiful! i mean just look at its feather! i seen one in Lok Kawi wildlife but never seen it shows its feather like this.

The camels. Its a camera trick. We are not as close as you can see in this picture. Boleh pula Unta hidup di Malaysia kan?

Do you think its a real tiger? la, but i does look real. My son Yong2 never dare to come closer even i already showed him i touched it.

These two black orang utan are so adorable. The first one is waiting for us to dropped food for them. So, i have to sacrifice my 'jambu' for him..huhu..but i think visitors are not allowed to feed them. Well, we were just pitying them ba..the 2nd picture is the youngest in the cage, it is begging for more from another guest next to us who also dropped banana for them. Kesian but cute, mcm yg dia mau cakap 'pick me next, i want to out from here!' Yang the first lagi cute tau, lepas dia dapa tangkap makanan yg kami kasi jatuh, dia tepuk tangan and terus tengok atas lg minta makanan.

Below: My son and me

Just look at boy,ignored the camera everytime i wanted to take his picture. He is not really excited to see the animals there, but he is just feel so free, be able to run here and there.

And finally, he gave me face. One for the album! Wish hubby was here but i forgot how to get there when hubby visited us two week ago.

It was a short trip and i guess my son is the happiest. More picts in my facebook.:)