Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Setiap Kali

Air matanya berderai lagi
mengalir tanpa ada rasa segan
membasahi pipi,
si ibu yang kepiluan

Langkah kakinya lemah lagi
bersama esak tangis yang kedengaran
tidak menoleh ke belakang lagi
hanya meninggalkan kesan dihati
yang tak akan terlupakan

Si kecil hanya memandang
tidak mengerti siapa yang datang
siapa yang pergi
Si kecil hanya tahu
dia dibelai, dia disayangi
kerana itu KEPILUAN datang lagi
mengasak asak minda

Si ibu tidak tahu
Si ibu tidak pasti
kenalkah si kecil
siapa yang datang?
siapa yang pergi?

Dan si kecil tahukah?
si ibu sebak

There i go again.. its been a long time i have not written any poem since i left university.

This morning, the phrase 'Setiap Kali' suddenly popped out from my mind and i just took 1 minutes to write it. The poem is written with tears of sadness falling from my eyes. Silently.

Sometimes and every time its better to voice out feeling this way. It is brief and understandable. No need to worry about sentence structure errors. Its all about the beauty of literature world. You can write freely without worrying where you should put your verb, noun, predicate and so forth.

The poem is in fact reflecting my feeling towards my son recently. I noticed that when i was home last week he seems to be more interested to get closer to his grandma than me. I don't know. I don't sure either. Everytime he cries, he will run to his grandma. I envy that. I am his mother,why he doesn't want me to comfort him? He also does't want to 'hug hug' me like last time i was home.

I talked to my hubby about it and again, the same answer i get. 'Its just your feeling. No matter what, you are his mom. He is our son. It is just that all this while mom taking care of him. Nothing to worry.'

I know that. Clearly. He is right but still deep in my heart ' i can't accept it for now'.
Why last time when i was home, he was fine? Why this time different?

Oh, son! Just if you know what mummy feels!

Next time i back home, i'll make sure i'm not staying at my MIL house. I want my son aware of my presence only and wants only ME. Its sounds weird and cruel but have to do it. I don't want my son to see people that he used to see everyday when i'm around. I want him to see only ME. i have gone crazy i think..

Friday, June 26, 2009

Farewell friends!

Our office today having a farewell party for two of our friends who are leaving for their good. They are leaving to serve the youngsters at their hometown.

The lady (free hair) is one of my gud friend leaving for Politeknik KK. The male one is leaving for Poli Ulu Terengganu. The Lady in the middle is my Head of Department. The background showing the people who came late for the morning briefing..hehe..

Nak pindah pun dapat hadiah. Confirm, kalau sa pindah, dapat juga la..hehehe..

Accompanying her to go around for picture taking

Jom makan2...

Gud friends last forever..Ena, Liza, Yani, me..

Mr Rossie (Sarawakian) with his girlfriends..(*_^)

Nasi pulut dan rendang..yummy!!

Thats all for the latest news. I have a big hope that early month next year will be my turn to say goodbye to this department.

Anyway, cant wait to fly back to Sabah. TODAY. Yiihaaaaaa!!!!!!


Please fly as fast as you could and bring me back to Sabah ASAP.

Thanks so much,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do you fart while u are sleeping?

Don't say you don't!

Hehehehee...because i did last night.

Very funny. Right after i farted, i woke up. Hahahaha! i asked my housemate either they heard any 'magical sound' or smelled 'new brand of perfume' last night or not.

Luckily, they didn't heard or smelled anything. And the good thing is, i'm not the only one who is farting while sleeping. My other friends do as well. So, nda malu la.

That is beyond our control, right?

Banyak lagi orang suka kentut sana sini. Kentut depan wife or hubby, boyfriend / girlfriend. Tapi yang paling suka kentut terang-terang ni ialah lelaki. Sorry to mention that guys! (*-^)My hubby la. Always do. Tapi takpe, kentut pun jadi wangi kalau dah sayang..hahaa!

The WORST is when the person is farting in the elevator. One of my ex-colleague told us he did it sometimes. With a strategy somemore. He told me, he farted when he is about to stepped out from the elevator. Apa lagi, menyumpah-nyumpah la orang dalam lif tu. Adoiii la..

Note: Jangan kentut time temuduga ye. Especially, bila dah kena confirm 'Congratulation, you are hired'! Nanti kena pecat terus macam dalam cerita STEP BROTHER tu.

Hehhee..tiba2 cakap pasal kentut pula.

Apa pun kentut la untuk kesihatan. HAHHAHA...

(My mind gone crazy today!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Le francais

Bonjour! je' m'appelle Uzoeiy.
(Hello, my name is uzoeiy).

(the word 'francais' which is pronounced as fron-seh means Bahasa Perancis )
It was fun learning other languages but, i admitted that le francais is very difficult in term of pronouncing the words. That is because the sound of the word is totally different from the spelling.

I salute la orang yang boleh menguasai bahasa asing yang satu ni. Kalau kursus baru 2 hari dah rasa mo muntah, apa lagi kalau perlu study sampai boleh menguasai bahasa ni. huhuhu..confirm saya fail dengan cemerlangnye!(*_^)

Yang paling menarik sekali untuk kita tahu ialah dalam Bahasa Perancis setiap benda ditentukan sebagai lelaki dan perempuan. Pelik kan? Macam benda hidup pula.

Contohnya rumah adalah perempuan. Kenapa? sebab rumah adalah tempat kaum wanita. Manakala benda2 yang hightech pula kebanyakan jantinanya adalah lelaki.

hehehee..lucu kan. Kawan2 yang lelaki berabis tanya la jantina barang2 yg dorang nak.

Ayat2 yang paling sy ingat:

1. Faire la bise (fay la bis) / bisous (bizo) = kiss
2. vous allet bien? (pronounce: vu za lay biang) = how do you do?
3. Mon amor (pronounce: mo amo) = My love (male to female)
4. mon cheri (pronounce: mon cher) = My love (Female to male)

dan paling best:

je t'aime beaucop (pronounce: jay tay may boku)= i love you very much.

Kalau nak pergi Europe, kena faham sikit2 la juga. Sekurang2nya ayat2 yang selalu digunakan untuk greeting. Pesan paling sa ingat juga yang lecturer tu cakap, jangan sesekali SENYUM tanpa berkata apa-apa terutama dengan lelaki.

Kenapa? SENYUM tanpa kata-kata kepada seseorang bermaksud 'an invitation to have sex' dengan orang yang senyum tu. Nah..kan bahaya tu. Hehehe.. dekat sini, Malaysia senyum adalah cara untuk menyapa seseorang. Nasib nasib..

Alright..done with my sharing about Le Francais.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bahasa Perancis

A quick post before continue dis afternun at 3pm for kursus bahasa Perancis ( since yesterday).
Boring i tell you.

Its damn difficult. Lain ejaan lain sebutan. Pening..so i decided to hafal perkataan yang sy suka je..hehhe..

Nanti sy share di entry yg akan datang.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Me? A secretary? Oh, No!

Been busy lately. Can u imagine its semester break still but i have loads of task to be done?..huhuhu..

I never thought that i'll be given a SECRETARY post in any department i attached. Its already set in my mind that 'kerja secretary susah la. Taip itu, taip ini..have to follow bos pergi meeting la, bla..bla..'! Nah, ambik ko..ketulahan! my friend said to me..

I'm so unfortunate when all my additional task in my department are secretary.

1. S/U Akademik Jabatan - functioning once in a while.

2. S/U Kursus Pendek Jabatan - functioning every semester break..huhu..

3. Penolong S/U Malaysian Qualification Agency aka MQA Peringkat Jabatan- functioning since last week and have to admit this is the most tough one. This year Politeknik Johor Bahru is on the way to get the MQA accreditation. Luckily i'm aware and already exposed to MQA at my last company. But still tough..

Well, whatever it is, i take it all positively. The good thing is i can request to minimize / reduce my teaching credit hour and can drop the no. 1 and no. 2 post after considering the toughness of the post no.3. Lucky me!

Hehehe..If not can't blame me and the team if PJB failed to get the MQA accreditation due to hospitality department submitted the incomplete document..Tough huh?.hmm...will do my best!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Daniel Yong2 - The Latest

I like when he wears cap..muaahmuah!!mummy miss u ody yong2..

his face when he's trying to whistling..

Perfect for the cam..

with his aunt Oying, my youngest sister..

Yong2, mummy and his aunt Naniey, my 2nd youngest sister

With daddy outside the kampung church after Sunday praying...

Busy playing with ballons..pict is taken inside the Borneo Rainforest, at 1B

The cutting hair session..
the uncle barber have to hold his head..

Tadaa!!!now he is botak ody..

Monday, June 8, 2009

2 IN 1

The holiday is over

I still can't believe i'm now back in JB again.

Still tired. Can't get enough sleep last night. And now, i'm barely can't open my eyes. sleeeeepyy...

Upset with AirAsia recently. Always delay flight. My flight delayed about half an hour..suppose to depart at 9.05pm but delayed to 9.30pm due to late arrival of the aircraft from JB. Aikk..satu kapal saja ka pula..arrived JB last night 10 minutes to 12am. And today have to wake up early to live life as usual.
Life that goes like this everyday:

8am-5pm = WORK.

My life's routine here will be like this until further notice..ahaks..dat means will change if i go back to Sabah la.

6am-8pm=MORNING ACTIVITIES like normal working people do.



I was very shocked when i opened my inbox today.

An emel from a friend=childhood friend=long distance relative=ex-housemate ACCUSED me doing things wrong without asking me the truth..i feel so down..

I met her last 30th of May on her sister's wedding and everything was fine till i read her emel today.
shocked!shocked! still calming myself..silenty contacting some people to clarify things and to prove that i didn't do anything wrong that can effect our friendship.

I tell you, when you expect nothing is wrong and everything is just fine, and suddenly things went wrong your world will go upside down, heart beats go faster and speechless. Just like what i felt when i read the emel! It took me an hour to think in which side i did wrong.

ooppss..sorry to keep you readers wondering what the hell i'm talking about here. I just would like to voice out my dissatisfaction.

To my Friend (you know who you are)..just in case you coming across my blog , i never meant to hurt you. It doesn't matter if you or me was wrong but, i apologize.