Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Daniel Yong2 - The Latest

I like when he wears cap..muaahmuah!!mummy miss u ody yong2..

his face when he's trying to whistling..

Perfect for the cam..

with his aunt Oying, my youngest sister..

Yong2, mummy and his aunt Naniey, my 2nd youngest sister

With daddy outside the kampung church after Sunday praying...

Busy playing with ballons..pict is taken inside the Borneo Rainforest, at 1B

The cutting hair session..
the uncle barber have to hold his head..

Tadaa!!!now he is botak ody..


nc said...

alala..napa kana kasi botak tu.. hehe :)

Zoi said...

hihi..panjang tul rambut dia kan tu, terus nampak bulat pas kena botak. Nanti dia besar suruh dia cari style rambut sendiri la kan.

Kris and Nadia said...

no wonder la ko ada penyakit rindu yg kritikal kan ada anak yg sgt comel.. kalu sya kali menangis2 sda nda behenti tu.. sabar ar Zoi.. jan sedih, nanti apply lg p kk :)

Zoi said...

Thanx Nadia. Comel mcm mummy dia kan..hehhe..ya, selagi tak berjaya selagi tu la apply ni.

Michelle said...

Adui so cutenya si yong yong...especially the whistling action...i miss him too! :D

Zoi said...

tq tan. i hope one day for our reunion we will bring our own children. And i think the perfect place to be is BEACH. Let them play till they tired.

We are now waiting for you, wee, nc and cat. Hope ur health state will get better soon so you can produce one like mine and Sal@Mia. Hehehe..