Monday, June 8, 2009

2 IN 1

The holiday is over

I still can't believe i'm now back in JB again.

Still tired. Can't get enough sleep last night. And now, i'm barely can't open my eyes. sleeeeepyy...

Upset with AirAsia recently. Always delay flight. My flight delayed about half an hour..suppose to depart at 9.05pm but delayed to 9.30pm due to late arrival of the aircraft from JB. Aikk..satu kapal saja ka pula..arrived JB last night 10 minutes to 12am. And today have to wake up early to live life as usual.
Life that goes like this everyday:

8am-5pm = WORK.

My life's routine here will be like this until further notice..ahaks..dat means will change if i go back to Sabah la.

6am-8pm=MORNING ACTIVITIES like normal working people do.



I was very shocked when i opened my inbox today.

An emel from a friend=childhood friend=long distance relative=ex-housemate ACCUSED me doing things wrong without asking me the truth..i feel so down..

I met her last 30th of May on her sister's wedding and everything was fine till i read her emel today.
shocked!shocked! still calming myself..silenty contacting some people to clarify things and to prove that i didn't do anything wrong that can effect our friendship.

I tell you, when you expect nothing is wrong and everything is just fine, and suddenly things went wrong your world will go upside down, heart beats go faster and speechless. Just like what i felt when i read the emel! It took me an hour to think in which side i did wrong.

ooppss..sorry to keep you readers wondering what the hell i'm talking about here. I just would like to voice out my dissatisfaction.

To my Friend (you know who you are)..just in case you coming across my blog , i never meant to hurt you. It doesn't matter if you or me was wrong but, i apologize.

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