Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Drama Scene at a friend's Hari Raya Open House

Blessed with a healthy, active, talkative and super friendly 2 years and six month son is indeed a great gift from God...very very great-full for that though.

You'll expect some embarrasing yet entertaining action from your kid when you are at your friend's house, at a shopping mall or even at a wet market(if you tag them along). son did not fail to embarrassed me last night at a friend's house..huhu..

Last night, i went to a friend's Hari Raya open house. As i expected, there were many children there too. But many of them were girls. Some are my colleagues' kids and the rest maybe from the neighborhood.

As usual he did not have any problem befriending them..sekejap saja sudah berlari-lari kejar-kejar dengan tu, i let him play round with the kids. but still keeping my eyes over him, takut tiba2 dia buat aksi pula..saya pun dengan senang hati join makan-makan dengan kawan2 lain.

Many of my colleagues were informed earlier that my son is a fanatic fan of the Ultraman series. Not very sure how its all started, suddenly my Yong2 suddenly doing a drama scene in front of all guests in the house..

'hiyyaaaa! Haiyaaa! Fire! Fire! Ultraman Cosmos! Raksaksa!'hiyaa! (with some funny and fierce face expression some more)

Guess what he did? He acted just like the Ultraman Cosmos fighting the dinasour in the Ultraman series!
He made the house filled with laughter for 2-3 minutes, entertained by his drama..oh my..That's really show how friendly my son is..memang nda malu-malu depan orang o! should i suppose to react? Saya rasa saya pun terkejut nda sangka Yong2 tiba-tiba beraksi macam tu. I also joined the rest laughing..Hahahha!

I then, stopped him. Friends keep talking 'wow, no wonder you miss him a lot when he is not with you'. Yepps, that true.

Then, i brought him to the playground located just in front of my friend's house. Just don't want him to create another scene there. Many kids were there too. Met with a mummy of two beautiful daughters who is my friend's sister in law.

She said, 'Anak awak besar dari umur, lancar sudah bercakap walaupun baru dua tahun, tidak takut orang macam sesetengah budak.'..Yepps, again. its a credit to me. Feel so, so and so blessed.

Untill now i still can not forget what my son did last night..


Kay said...

Zoi, hahaha. Lucu jg o si yong2 tu. Tp x jg bikin malu btl ba tu, besa la budak2. Yg bikin malu kalau menangis berguling-guling di lantai x kana beli mainan..

Uzoeiy @ Zoi said...

ya cath..kelu sia Yong2 beraksi tanpa malu2..fames trus sia..hehe..

dreamChaser said...

ya ba.. lucu o (^_^) sa bleh tebayang ni

Uzoeiy @ Zoi said...

Nanti kalau sa balik, sa bawa juga dia g ofis klu ada chance. sebut ja ultraman mesti beraksi tu nc.