Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is this place still safe for us to live in?

That's the question that strike me after reading the newspaper today.

My answer is: I am doubt now.

Criminals act are everywhere and is worsening. There is like no more safe place on Earth.
The recent case involving the tragic murder of Datuk Sosilawati and another 4 person, terrifying me.

Not mentioning the baby dumping, accidents( number arising), father kill his son, son kills his father, teenager rapes a granny/father, brother rapes daughter/ sister, suicide, and the list goes on..

Among all reasons why all these happens only this relate very much:


There is no religion that commands its followers to kill. Specifically, to kill human.
I believe in that.

If they have a little light of faith, they will not murder, they will not dump baby, they will not rape their daughter/sister, and they will not do this and that..again the list goes on.

Come on people, lets have little faith, to guide us in life.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zoi, really sad read of these unfortunate circumstances, and the rising crime.
I get lots of mail from relatives and friends, and lots of them experiencing being mugged or home invasion. Two got beaten up.

And the huge percentage of rape cases, some not reported is real scary!
Where we are, homes have no window bars, no fences, and though we have crime, not on the scale like where you are.

Call the cops here and say 'person has a gun'....and I'm not joking here, there'll be about 6 to 8 police cars sirens screaming arriving within minutes.
My relatives on holiday here witnessed one incident when they were here.

Our buses have TV and phone...and something occurred in the bus. I guess the bus security camera picked up the situation, informed the cops, and 6 police cars surrounded the bus.
Suspect was led out in handcuffs. I heard he was being unruly maybe drunk.

Our cops don't take prisoners.
You take care, keep well, Lee.

Uzoeiy @ Zoi said...

Dear U.Lee,
duh..this is our world, today. Human is the one who make it upside down.

When you tell me that, i thank God for being here, Malaysia.

You keep well too, Uncle Lee.

God Bless You.