Tuesday, September 7, 2010

For kids, happiness is that count

Every afternoon on weekend Yong2 will ask me ' Ma, nak main d luar' (translated: May i play outside mummy?)

I know he is boring at home alone. So, sometimes i'll let the children from the neighborhood to come in the house to play with him. He is very playful one. Non-stop. Just look at him.

When the children get in, he started to preach about his Ultraman stories.

He holds the book as if he can read already while at the sametime watching the kids playing with his toys. They were lucky because sometimes he will not allow others to play or even touch his toys. My effort to instill a good value in friendship such as SHARING now, worked.

Yong2 is chasing some of them with his water gun. Watching them playing happily, suddenly a thought came across my mind; I was so lucky to giving birth a very healthy and active child, loved by everyone around him.

He keep chasing and chasing until one of them purposely stop and let Yong2 caught her.
He than shouted 'Tembak kau!' . The funny thing is he know exactly where to shoot; right on her ass!! Hahaha..

Happy kids. No worries. They have no ideas what the adults are thinking. Because for them only happiness is that count.


Fantastic Ajane said...

waaaa.... best o durang berusil... hihi... u r totally blessed...

Zoi said...

Thanks Jane F.A..buli ba kan sia panggil ko dgn nama ni..hehe.