Thursday, September 2, 2010

My recent trip back to Sabah

Last week i did mentioned that i made a last minute decision flew back to Sabah. I never regretted it.
It was a very please moment and i treasured every moment of it.

Here are some pictures to share with you:

My uncle in traditional head gear called 'sigal', ready to perform the Sumundai mongigol dance-traditional dance of Rungus ethnic in Kudat.

The 'Sigal' is unique. To produce one, it takes a week or two without interruption. Focus i mean. Or else it takes months to finish one. And it is purely hand-woven from 'kapok' or cotton.

In Sabah, 'Sigal' is one of the traditional head gear that worn by most ethnic and to see the difference 'sigal' of different ethnic, month of May is the best time. Its the month festivity - Harvest Festival, held once, every year, in every district of Sabah.

The Sumundai Mongigol Dance - usually performed by a man and followed by few women, accompanied by the traditional music instruments - Gong.
Particularly, Sumundai refers to the movement of the women following the gongs beats, while Mongigol is the dance of the man that dancing the different steps from the women except for the arms that widely open and moved gracefully.
As a Rungusian, its a shame if you don't know how do the dance. I'm lucky because my mom is an EXPERT and her daughter must be the same, too. (*-^)!

Some of them (the dancers) are my relatives wearing traditional costume in conjunction with my family event.
They wear it to honour my late grandfather. Its part of the tradition to perform this dance whenever a family conduct a prayer event of their late family. A tradition that must be kept alive to always remind us our root.

Closer look - i approached one of the dancers and ask permission to take her pict.

She is wearing an almost complete Rungus traditional costume.

The complete costume is usually decorated with thousand dollars of antique beads, worn on the hips and shoulder. oh ya, not forgetting the ornaments worn on their wrist and leg.

The complete costume.
Courtesy from :

Hope that this post give you-my readers a bit info of the Rungus ethnic in Sabah.
Will share some more pictures of activities i did during the balik kampung trip recently. Till then!


Kay said...

saya selalu admired by org rungus terutama sekali cara mereka mengekalkan tradisi. lihat di sabah ni, siapa lagi yang pakai baju kebudayaan jalan-jalan p tamu atau di rumah. tiada, selain orang rungus. di kota marudu, kalau time tamu, orang rungus biasanya pakai pakaian tradisional mereka, lengkap dengan gelang tangang, kaki dan rantai lehar..

Zoi said...

betul tu cath..masuk lg kampung2 cth di Tamu sikuati. Jarang orang rungus memakai perhiasan daripada emas. Macam mama sy, dia bilang lg bagus pakai gelang yg dulu2 punya daripada emas. kena curi saja itu dia bilang.

Bila ko ckp gitu, br sia perasan. Bangsa2 lain walau pun yg Kadazan dusun tulen, dorang pakai time keramaian saja.

nc said...

waooo..wajah baru ni.. ngam! clean n clear :)

cantik baju2 rungus kn :)hehe

Zoi said... mo nampak itu harbor ba Nc, tapi sikit ja nampak. and mo cari lg yg 3 column template. yg cantik. masih dlm pembinaan kunu ni..

pwincess Lov3y dOv3y said...

very interesting..never know b4 this...after see your blog..i got the information about this festival...thanks puan..hehe..always follow ur blog...hehehe

Zoi said...

Hai Nazura..kalau free boleh melawat ke blog sy yg satu lg: Yg ni khusus utk pelajar2 jh. Tapi sy belum mula lg menulis maklumat utk blog tu.