Friday, August 28, 2009

its good to be at home.

Yupp. i am now at home. My real home i mean. In Kota Kinabalu.

Touched down at Kota Kinabalu today from Johor Bahru at 9.33am..

I feel like wanna hug my hubby when i saw him waiting for me right in front of the arrival hall this morning..hahhaa..

Just a frank confession from me, i don't know why if other wives feel the same way with me or not..but i do feel excited to see my hubby everytime i go's the same feeling i felt everytime we met when we were dating..ahaks!..terbongkar rahsia sia kan..

As for my beloved Yong Yong..he excitedly smile at me when i arrived home..trus dia minta dukung sa..oohh..terharunya sia dia buat gitu..then, i straight away show him what have i bought for him, a new pair of shoes, a set of coloring book and also pants and shirts..and he also eagerly helped me to bongkar my luggage and took out all the things i packed inside..hahhaa..sweet Yong Yong..tidak sah kalau dia nda dapat tingu semua barang2 dalam beg..i just let him be because he will usually put all the things back at the place where he took it. Good manner for a small kid like him.
Agenda this evening is dinner with my family: hubby, dad and mom, sisters and brothers..Yumyum..


Kris and Nadia said...

Welcome home Zoi... gumbira la ko ni kan.. mesti la hihi.. :) happy for you too

Zoi said...

hai hr ni dapat buka blog..nda sempat o kalau di rumah..mesti si kici pun mau ikut tekan2 ni keyboard..gumbira, tp hr ni di johor sdh lagi..