Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A late night update. Have done the housekeeping in my room and also ironing my working attire for tommorrow..sleepy now, but feel like wanna update my blog. So here it is.
Only now have the chance to surf the net hopping, reading and leaving comments on some friend's blog..checking facebook too.
Last night, the internet connection was terrible. While today at office, time was just not permitted me sit down and relax..classses, students problem to attend, late student registration to handle and bla bla bla..nevertheless..i am happy though. For the things that just passed. Its good to always remind ourselves TO BE GRATEFUL and FEEL GOOD for whatever things we have gone through for the day, neither good or makes me SMILE right now. I know GOD is happy too seeing me in this way..
Leaving all the worries behind are almost impossible if you are a type of person that easily be carried away by it..i experienced it too..its okay if you give yourself a time to be carried away but make sure after certain level be conscious and straight away think of positive things..remember GOD. Remember HIS word 'segala sesuatu ada waktunya' i think its not wrong if we sometimes say bad words, do wrong things,moody or just gone crazy even over a small things, right? Hahaha..don't be annoyed readers, its the only things running through my head right now..okay, okay..enough with all those pointless thought.

Now, its about my holiday last week back there in Sabah. I had a good time with hubby and son. Had a quality time with them.PERFECT ONE. In particular.

The two VVIPs in my life. My Dear Hubby and My Beloved Son.
Always missing their smile..
Can't wait to be with them again two weeks from now.


gracie said...

punya comel anak ko zoiiiiii

nc said...

:) like father like son..

Zoi said...

Gracie n Nc..thank you! hahha..iya butul tu serupa sama daddy dia..tapi nda pa..sikap dia mcm mama.. 50-50 hehehe..

Kris and Nadia said...

hi zoi.. alalalaa punya sedih kan terasa rindu.. But happy kan kalu dpt tgk senyuman yg tersayang :)

Zoi said...

hi nad! iya..tapi skrg sia okay sdh sikit ni..o ya, thanks nad! i like the way u show ur concern..nda mcm sorang dua kawan di FB tu kan, sa nda suka cara dia komen status saya delete la komen durang..

nda suka sy cara dua orang tu cakap..'kasian..'..cakap la mcm ni ka 'nda pa zoi, nanti ko balik juga kan'..buli dengar lagus dusun banyak2 bilang'..ini begitu pla dorang tulis..

sori la sama itu dua orang..

akmj said...

hey anak ko CUTEEEEE sangat :)

Zoi said...

thanks angie!