Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fresh from the Sea

Hmm..since dearest blog was on problem for long time, many update was being put on draft mode, so i decided to repost them.

This was supposed to be posted on Easter Day:

Happy Easter Day to all Christians out there!
How's your Sunday and also your Easter's Day?
Hope everything went good today..;)

Just would like to share the photo below.

You see fish? Hehe..yepp..Its the fish that my husband caught yesterday. 
I remembered while i pregnant with my second son, husband was always went trawling and fishing. Its his hobby actually. Lucky me got to eat fresh fish often. sure good for the baby.:)

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nc said...

alo..baru sa mau blog2 lagi ni amoi.. :) bila lagi ko pgi laut ni.. hehe