Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3rd Day

Its the third day of my day attending course here in KL. Fortunately, the course is carried out easy and informal. So, for sure there is no stress issues here..hehe..Fortunately also, i'm not alone here. There are 7 of us altogether, i mean from my office..siok juga la. Time mengantuk, boleh gurau2 dengan kawan-kawan.

In KL, its the BIIGG discount time in most shopping complexes here..Jadi, apa lagi kami ni..sambil menyelam minum air. In the tentative program sent to us earlier, it said that we gonna have evening session till 11pm, but..yeaaayy!! to the organizer, the bahagian pembangunan latihan dan kerjaya kementerian pengajian tinggi because let us enjoy our evening time. Its free from any course activity. Except for the 2nd evening where the director of the department met us to give some briefing related to the course.

Yesterday evening we went to Bukit Bintang or to be specific sana Sungei Wang and Low Yat Plaza..pheww! boleh tahan juga la penat berjalan especially with me carrying my 8 months baby still in my perut..huahua..but, semangat mau pigi shopping tu ba, kalah tu penat..
And this evening, next shopping complex to go is Sogo..wuhuuu!..lets see what i'm going to buy there.

Meanwhile, thats all for now. got to go. its 2.30 already and its time to back to bussiness. :)

Till then!

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