Wednesday, December 17, 2008


1. On facebook walk again. Want to wish everyone in my list 'Merry Christmas' before going for my leave next week.


1. Went to checked my wellness level with some friends at HERBALIFE office at 3rd floor CP. They're having FREE wellness analysis.

Happy because i just got to know that i am actually 'DOING WELL'. No excess fat, ideal weight, excellent body fat range, good visceral fat (fat that surrounds the vital organs in the stomach area), good bone mass and excellence physique ratings.
Juz need to work on lil bit on my body metabolic rate..seems not enough.

2. On facebook walk to wish friends Merry Christmas.

TwO dAyS AgO:

2. So irritated with one guy passenger who sat beside me in the bus. He sat down like the seat is his. How come aa..guy usually when they sit, they sit 'berkangkang' (sorry guys juz need to say it) even in the public transportation.
Saya benci betul!
To that person (whoever u are): I mean, yea i know why u sit like that but please, don't do it in the public transportation! Learn to respect other passengers especially when sitting beside you is a female!
Please acknowledge that no all girls like to 'bergesel paha' dengan orang yang tak dikenali dalam bas! Kurang ajar betul!
i am thinking of bringing a pin next time so that i can use it to inject anyone who sits 'berkangkang' in the bus. (if i am the victim la).


Kay said...

ya uzoi, sa pun inda suka btl bila tu lelaki berkangkang dlm bus. so irritating n annoying bah..

Zoi said...

jom kita bawa pin atau jarum..pura2 tercucuk padan muka dia..hahaha..