Friday, December 19, 2008

weekly conclusion..

hmm..dis week i think i've got load of information from:

1. Marie France Bodyline- according to them i've to spend 2k-5k just to lost 2kg of my weight. Gila ka?..dont want to say more bout it..just appreciate their marketing staff because of their aggresiveness in selling their product. Well, i'm satisfied with my figure now. So, i dont think i'm desperate to take more slimming product from them. Anyway, thanks buddies for all the hardwork to persuade us! You guys did well on it.

2. HERBALIFE - this one better than no.1. First time my wellness level being analysed. Never got that info before. If my financial department doing well next year, i'll buy your product! hihi..

3. Public Mutual Berhad -Juz now. Kind of investment thing. The consultation session was quite convincing but yeah again depending on my financial state. (Huh, balik2 pasal duit). i think this one has the lower risk if compare to the other investment. more info, just go to their office. At least, nda la memaksa mcm tu yang saaanaaa atas tu!. planning yet what to do. For sure, i'll spend more time with my lovely little prince. Yeaay!!

Happy Weekend people!

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