Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today's thought..

i am not feeling well right now. Yesterday i had stomach problem (in the office) followed by fever in the evening. It made me no appetite to eat for dinner. Only managed to eat half of my food. And this morning i ate 3 spoons of rice porridge only for breakfast (which is cooked by my mom -in- law for my little prince). Feel like to take sick leave but can not afford it since i have only 3 days leave balance. Have to reserve it for Christmas leave. So sad. So here i am, sitting in the office :(. There are some office works haven't been done yet, but really don't have mood to settle it.

Why i got fever? Perhaps this is what happens to some moms out there. When baby has fever, mom will have it too. My 7 months son had a light fever since last week. Well, he is in the teething stage actually. Thanks God because he is not feeling so badly with the fever. In fact, my little one loves laughing and playing with his toys. He is also addicted to his baby walker. Just put him on, and there he goes! Grabbing every things within his reach!..and he is still on mood even he has fever!)

Being a (working) mom actually quite tiring. Especially when, there is nobody around to help you in time of needs. I thank God so much because i have everybody at home that willing to lend their hands when i need it.

My daily routine as a working mum goes like this (from monday to friday):

1. reaching home approximately around 6.30pm if traffic jam is terrible, but if OK around 6.05pm or before 6pm

2. get in to the house, first looking for HIM and say 'YongYong, mommy is home!', offer my hands to hold him and for sure he will smile showing his two little teeth and ready to be hold. So, i guess he misses me and knows that i am his mom! its so sweet! Once he is in my hands, do you know what he is looking for? Definitely his source of MILK. Do u get what i mean? hmmm..i decided to breasfeed my baby since the beginning of his life, so he used to it already. After maternity leave, i only can breastfeed him in the evening. So, he seems to know that he will get what he wants every evening. Like always, he is impatiently looking for it.

p/s: for everyone who is single outhere, if u r planning to get married and have baby soon, breastfeeding your baby exclusively for 2 months after giving birth is very adviseable. You will find a great bonding between you and your little ones besides other benefits!

3. After he full, he will easily fall asleep. Put him in the crib and its time for me to get shower hurrily before he awakes again.

4. Ready for dinner. Living with parents-in-law actually makes your life as a new mom much easier. Dinner is ready when you are home, your baby already eaten and already 'mandi'. Tell you honestly, i cook only on weekend! While having dinner, i do laundry. So comfortable because i just let the machine do it works. (If u r staying with your in-law or planning to,d o not let them wash your laundry ya!! bikin malu kalau itu kau punya '_ _ _ _ _ _' pun kena cuci.

5. After dinner, finishing up the laundry things (if baby is still sleeping la). if not, juz let his daddy do the rest. I am lucky because, my dearie is quite 'ringan tulang' to help (Luv ya!). Me and my little prince? the bedroom already lo!

6. Everything is done before 8pm usually. So, that means i and my little prince get to sleep early. heheee..

7. Finally...this: ZzzZzzZZZzz....

This morning, my little prince woke up at 5am. Do you think you can sleep peacefully if he wakes up already? Never! he will keep making noises to attract you attention. And today, i go to work with tired eyes. So sleepy right with that sharing, i stop here for a while.

o yea,,by the way here we go. My 7 months little prince and momma:

He is trying out his teeth with his own finger. YummyYummy!

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