Tuesday, December 2, 2008

PTI oh PTI...

I'm sitting on my work desk right now. Thinking of what to write as for todays entry. Yeah, now i remember something about yesterday afternoon incident. I took a mini bus to go home since my darling is working in the afternoon shift. This is not my first time in fact, but i never experience it. Thats why i share it here.

I managed to get on the mini bus around 5.48pm. And that was after a hard effort to get myself slip in between the other passengers. Dont have idea why yesterday so many people were waiting for the Putatan mini bus. What made me felt very irritated was this incident:

Inside the bus already, i saw only the back seat was available where a woman and a little boy with her already seated. I am about to seat my self when the woman said:

'Kena buking sudah neng". She purposely ask her little son to sit on the seat next to her. (The back seat can accommodate 4 passengers)

I suddenly got angry and said this: 'Aii..kak itu budak boleh dukung ba itu. Siapa duluan naik dia yang duduk la'.

And i dont really care about her warning 'kena booking sudah'. Because by hook or crook i must get the seat. I stand for 2 3 seconds and she finally hold her son to her lap and said:

'ba, ko duduk la neng.' (my heart say: 'ko tidak suruh duduk pun saya duduk juga. Bukan kau punya bas!) And i seated. While getting on the bus after me were 2 other women. I realized that they were a family of PTI! one sat next to me and another one sat on the bus floor. Can u imagine that? They kept starring at me along the way to Putatan as if they want to swallow me. I bet if i have friend, i will laugh to die...LOL.. i texted one of my bestie and told her bout it..in the meantime, sia senyum senyum ja dlm bas sampai Putatan..

Oh my gosh...the worse thing about them is their body smell..very fishy smell!..Bau ikan! i thought i'm going to faint yesterday. Luckily, i tahan till i reached Putatan, Oh Thanks God, the traffic was not so bad yesterday!
I also surprised when seeing them eating rambutan and threw the skin out from the bus through the bus window! Haizzz...i almost took picture of their action and send it to my friend who's working in DBKK. Biar kena tangkap sebab buang sampah dari dalam bas!
So, i conclude here that the PTIs are so dare. They act like this land is theirs. They act like they are very special here. They think like the bus is theirs also. So irritated!
I aware the government is in action pertaining the PTIs matter. But i think, some locals are protecting this party, making the government efforts are not so effective.


The Dusun Aroma said...

zoi, kalau ckap pasal PTI kah, corruption kah, 20 perkara kah.. sumu ni topi bikin panas hati orang orang Sabah Tulen.

sampai 100 tahun ni kali baru ada sedikit perubahan yang baik di Sabah (itupon kalau ada, silap silap kita jadi pelarian di tempat sendiri) ^.^

Zoi said...

betul tu val..kadang2 sia sendiri takut sama dorang..kadang2 susah juga mo kenal dorang ni. Mcm org local sdh..nasib hari tu sia berani lawan balik.