Friday, November 28, 2008

I post this as picture of the day...we are very good friends and still now, classmates since form 1..the first one from the right (wearing tudung), has a degree in accountancy (single). Working and acting as the second boss at 100 superstore in Donggongon..Next to her is a teacher, married with 3 children. Third from the right..hmm..its me! (basar pipi sa kan?) and the last one is now working as a nurse (also married with 2 children). Thanks God all of us has succed in our own field.
BTW, can you spot the 'ERIO 96' on the left? Well, E-Eve, R-Rose, I-Ina, O- Ody. Best kan, dulu suka buat nama gabungan.. What a wonderful moments we had through the years!

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The Dusun Aroma said...

oi oi.. vandalism ni.. kakakak kasi repot!!