Sunday, March 22, 2009

Missing him..

Happy 11th Months YongYong! Mummy will see you soon! Muaahh!!

Right now, i miss my SON VERY MUCH!

He's turning 11 months, TODAY. Since i've been away from him for about 42 days, I can't tell how much i miss him! I call Yong2 almost every day eventhough he doesn't know how to speak yet but at least he listens to my voice and recognize it as his mum's voice. Sometimes i have this fear that, Yong2 will not recognize me as his mum - he's so close to his grandma already by now eversince i left him last month. So sad.

Hubby says, Yong2 now can stand up by his own and can walk 2-3 steps before he falls. Feel very bad also because i couldn't witness his first step! He drinks plenty of milk and becomes a big eater as well which i'm so glad to hear that.

Last night i dreamt, he's sick. I rang my hubby immediately after i woke up. He said, Yong2 is doing good. I did told hubby 'bout my dream. He said maybe because i think too much of Yong2. Yes, i do think of Yong2 every minute! What else i can do, right?

Eventhough hubby says that Yong2 is doing good, but my mum 's instinct says that he's not. I feel that he purposely lied to me so that i will not worry too much. Oh GOD, please grant me a STRENGTH so that i can go through another month till the date i going back to Sabah!

In the other sides, its a good thing my weekend is busy, so that i keep my hands and mind occupied, at least the day time.

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