Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Buzy Day Again

Yupp.Its going to be buzy days again since yesterday. Nevertheless, today i take my time to write something here. Urmm..yeaah..'bout yesterday morning. I just don' t want to recall it but at least i recorded it here- my blog, my dairy. It was a terrible Monday. EVER!

The incident was actually like this:

As usual, i took the kitchen key to open the restaurant's main door. I even wrote my name on the record book, so that if anyone looking for it they can find me. While i was giving morning briefing to my students, the senior lecturer who is supervising the kitchen came in suddenly and this was the conversation between us:

senior lecturer: Evelyn, you've took the kitchen key, right?
me: Yes, i did took it.
Senior lecturer: How come you didn't write your name in the record book? (raised her voice like she is not satisfied and got angry because i took the key without informing her.
me; Eh, i did.(I suddenly got angry also because of her sudden action and i say this to the students in front of me : 'Dia tak baca ke?'
senior lecturer: NO REPLIED.

and he went into the kitchen.

Adoii..the thing is, i feel like she wanted to humiliate me in front of the students.
It made my whole Monday gloomy.

As an educator, what would you do if your senior scolded or raised her voice when talking to you in front of your students? Embarrasing. She's not professional in doing her job. Even my students commented on that. SEE? A student also knows what 'professional' is when comes to the way a lecturer handling things.

From that moment, i tried to not to talk to her. But its impossible since we are sharing this subject. (She is in the kitchen, i'm in the service). Luckily the students were understanding and told me their secret. They also DO NOT LIKE the lecturer because everytime they seek for her advice, she will get angry.

Nevertheless, its passed. Today, besides teaching, i've lists of task need to be done. By today.!So i better go back to my job or otherwise it will be delayed till tomorrow.


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