Monday, April 27, 2009

2 days

YEAAYYYY...2 days more to Wednesday!

Balik kampung
balik kampung..yeyeyeee....(buat lirik sendiri)

Soooo happy today.

Can't wait to fly back to my hometown!

I wish i'll be welcomed home by a group of sumazau dancers at the airport upon my arrival just like an important person who have been in foreign land for my dream la!

Last weekend activities

1. Attended the CHRISTIAN TEACHER'S FELLOWSHIP DAY. It was held in Marina Straits View Hotel's Restaurant, right in front of Singapore!. Paid RM38 for 8 courses Chinese food. So kenyang and So yummy..hehehe..the food made me forgot that seafood = cholestrol (especially the fried prawn and the fried sotong that have been so attempting till i ignored the performances).

I had the chance to meet other christian teachers also. There were about 30 Sabahan teachers attending and the rests are Indians and Chinese. The best part was when the dinner turn to a Candle Light Dinner due to electricity failure right before the dinner started.

No regret for the last minute decision to join the fellowship. Definitely will attend again next year, not of the food but the relationship built among the christian teachers in a land where open religious activities are limited and observed like terrorist.

2. Went shopping for baby's clothes. Not forgetting the gifts for my niece and nephews. Usually they are the happiest if someone balik kampung (especially their unties and uncles) because they know that they'll get ole-ole. Its the best thing being a kid!
Anyway, i'll be extremely buzy this two days, replacing classes before i go on my leave till 5th May.

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