Thursday, April 9, 2009

Out of the real world

What is happening to me????? am i out of the real world right now? ..arrghhh..

I did a weird action today. I had a class at 2.15, so as usual before i go to the class, i'll touch up my face a little bit plus apply lotion to my both hands. But don't know why, i took the mineral water bottle, opened it and pour it onto my palm. And my friend who was sitting beside me watching me awkwardly. GOSSSH!!! I only realized that i'm pouring water on my palm instead of lotion when i feel the water running and fall on my pants! Luckily i wore black pants today, so its not really obvious my pants is wet..

Adoii..i've been like this since yesterday. I can not concentrate on what i'm doing and i certainly know the reason. 'HOMESICK' and it is at the DANGEROUS LEVEL already. I really can't wait to come home. Actually i'm going back to Sabah on 29hb, evening. I applied for leave untill 5th May which i think still not enough to spend time with hubby and son. BIG event is in the list alreday. Celebrating my son's 1st birthday!

And now, i wish time could flies as fast as possible!


My ordinary life said...

hee hee...evelyn, i thk ur brain not so concentrating at ur oso experience it quite not homesick lar...stomach sick lar...made me cant concentrate...alwiz done mistake in work...sometimes forgetful...dun wory evelyn, i thk ur sick wil cure soon...tis end of april...:D

Zoi said...

what u say is true la Tan..ya, i'll get it cured 2 weeks from now!
And hope ur stomach problem could be cured soon also.