Friday, April 10, 2009

My Heart is singing

I'm currently listening to a Malay song ' Cantik' by Kahitna.

Lets sing together!

Ingin rasa hati berbisik
Untuk melepas keresahan

bukan ku ingin mengganggu mu
tapi rasa hati merindu

Walau mentari terbit di utara
hati ku hanya untuk mu

Ada hati yg termanis dan penuh cinta
tentu saja 'kan ku balas seisi jiwa
tiada lagi tiada lagi yg ku inginkan

Inikah sumpah
Sungguh aku sayang kamu (My Hubby - teda dlm lirik aa..)

I found peace today. May be because today is GOOD FRIDAY and its really means GOOD FRIDAY to me. But unfortunately, the land where i live now (Johor) is not celebrating it. How come government do not declare it as public holiday for all Malaysian a? I wish that Sabahan who's working in the other state are also entitled for the Public Holiday too.(in my dream la!):p


akmj said...

sabahan saja ka? :(

i have been living for the past 26 years WITHOUT a holiday on Good Friday... I would welcome a day off to really celebrate Good Friday too...

Zoi said...

ooopss!! i'm sorry angela.

i didn't mean to hurt anyone with the statement i made. Actually, for a second, i forgot the other BROTHERS in Jesus (who have been living here for ages) at that time.

If God still wants me to be here till the next GF next year, i'll take leave on that day. I think you and all of us should, right?