Wednesday, April 15, 2009


13 days to come. Its about two weeks more to wait till 29hb comes.

Yuupp..I'm counting the days. The day i fly back to Sabah to meet hubby, son and families. For some people, it could be considered a small matter, but its the other way for me. Mungkin sia ni terlalu pentingkan kekeluargaan. I never been away from family this long. It is really a hard time for me to live without them.

and that is why......

I came to office yesterday with a pair of swollen eyes due to heavy 'downpour' from both of them last night. (uuih..buat peribahasa sendiri ni)..hmm..beginilah kalau berjauhan dengan family. My mum siap kol lagi pujuk me sebab sa sms dia sa rindu baby dan rasa nak nangis. Memang nangis pun sampai tersumbat hidung. Habis credit my dad.

At that time, I feel like i'm still their pampered and loved little girl some 30 years ago. .Hehee.. and in fact i still want them to treat me like that! This doesn't means that i can't turn to my hubby and tell him everything i feel. Hubby is always the first but sometimes i miss the time when mum and dad calmed me. Tu yang tiba2 jadi begitu tu..

I've been keeping my tears for a while but last night i couldn't stand it anymore. Especially when hubby told me my son 'boleh round-round ruang tamu sudah berjalan'.

I've learned again that no matter how strong you are, u'll lose to your own feeling one day. Buruk la orang besar menangis tapi i don't care with what people say.

hmm..Luckily i don't have any class today. So, i can hide my 'mata panda' from my students at least for today.


nc said...

goood morning JB,, hehe,, don wory,, mo dekat sda tu 29hb,, kami pn smua tggu ari bulan tu,, mcm biasa kn,, :)
ba,, nanti ko balik sini singgah2 kami sini yg keboringan dgn alam kehidupan sini sini ni a,, bawa ko punya produk sekali,, :)

Zoi said...

me - critical stage sdh nc. tapi masih boleh bertahan la ni.

Ya, jalan2 di acic masuk dlm senarai juga, mybe 30hb or 4hb.

ya, sama la tu kita juga. bezanya kami awal sikit la kali ni. 23hb. banyak tapi trus habis bayar sana sini..

kim salam dgn kawan2 d sana a.

Kris and Nadia said...

huhu.. i knw how u feel.. especially ada anak lg kan.. sedih oo kan.. mcm empty seja hidup kita tanpa yg tersayang kan.. tabahkan hati k.. :) cheers.. sama la kita counting the days :)

Michelle said...

hi, zoy! dun wory time past so ony 6 days to go, thn u can play play wt ur bb & hug hug wt ur hubby..;D & hope time past slowly once u in kk...right? B strong ya!