Monday, May 25, 2009

How dare you hubby!

I was in a friend's wedding party with my mum, my dad and my brother. My hubby was working at that time, that's why i go with my family. In my surprise, i saw my hubby was eating a bowl of ABC in between of the crowd. Wasn't he supposed to be at work at this time? I wondered. He noticed me but he acted like he don't know me and kept busy with his ABC. I walked straight toward him but he still acted like i was not there. When i was almost near, suddenly a girl approaching him and come closer to him. That girl seems like whispering something to my hubby. They face were so closed to each other and i guess that girl's lips almost touching my hubby's cheek. Oh God, what was happening there? My step stopped and my heart beat goes faster. I couldn't believe what i saw just now! My hubby don't even noticed my presence.

I manage to hold my tears to drop and made my way to get out from the crowd. How dare my hubby do this me? I cry and cry and cry and cry.....till...

Adedeh..sia bermimpi rupanya!

Nasib la sa mimpi saja. Can't imagine if that really happen to me and hubby oo..

I think that is the result if we think too much of something kan..

Tommorrow is our BIG day actually. Our 2nd Anniversary....ngngngng..(crying) sad, i am here and hubby is there..(sigh)..

Thinking : what to give my hubby this time?


nc said... ckp..kalau ada mimpi2 mcm tu..sblik ny ba maksud nya kunun tu.. :)

n sb telampau bnyk fikir la juga.. :)

don wory,, sia blh jadi spy ko juga ni haha

Kris and Nadia said...

ya ba.. rupanya2 mimpi pula jo.. tkejut aku..miahaha :) ya kamirang ble jadi spy ko k.. dun worry..miahahhaa.. tidak baitu.. just trust him k

Zoi said...

nc and nadia: hehe..dun nda pena terfikir ada orang lain dari saya..ketawa juga dia sbb lepas sa mimpi sa trus terbangun kan, trus sms dia kasi cerita. takut sa lupa besok pagi. sia jenis yg lupa mimpi ni bila bangun pagi..hehee..spy? pakai spek mata hitam kan?..khekhekhe..

akmj said...

wei you ah!

i got a shock you know


Zoi said...

hehehhee..surprise angie!!only in my dream le..