Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Its raining outside right now. Hmmm..what a coincidence!

Today the same time and day, 2 years ago, was my wedding day. Its the same situation. Still fresh in my memory the nervousness i felt because of the rain. How if the rain doesn't stop? is he already reached church or still on the way?

At that time, i was ready for our matrimonial ceremony scheduled at 1.pm. All the worries gone when somebody inform us that my hubby's side (all the way from KK to Kudat) was about arriving at the church. They have to stop (because of the rain) at my uncle's house located on the way up to the church (FYI, our kampung's church is on the top of a small hill. There is a road to the church but it is not accessible by small vehicle at that time - till now).

So, there is no choice other than to climb up the hill. Sian kan, pengantin pun kena jalan kaki ni..But, that was for hubby. Sian hubby. From KK pakai wira ja kan..nda boleh naik jalan bukit yang buruk jalan.

For me, hehee...uncle's car -frontier / DMX? (can't remember.) was specially provided to transport me to the church. Kereta ni kuat kan, jalan gravel dan buruk pun boleh saja. Yang penting pengantin sampai church. Thanks ya uncle Nonong!

That was our story 2 years ago.

TODAY..is already the 2nd year of our marriage. Its more meaningful this year with the presence of our little prince 1 year old Daniel Jeconiah @ Yong Yong, who have brings lots of joys and happiness to both of us and families.

Especially to you My Dear Hubby..

When i found you
i gained the finest prize
a companion to share life's joys
a friend who lightens burdens
whose company is always a comfort

when i found you
u embraced the love i had dreamed of
the source of endless pleasure
and memories to treasure!

Today is our 2nd Anniversary.
2 years ago it marks the day when we both said " I Do'.
The two of us become as one.
Now time has passed, our love is strong.
We have passed so many tests and
i hope..
we will realize our love each other more than ever
may each year keep getting better!



nc said...

:) happy 2nd anniversary

Michelle said...

Woo...woo....So romantic & lovely...:) HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY!

Kris and Nadia said...

woooo... sedihnya.. :) terharu sya.. happy 2nd anniversary :) ba zoi bukan next week cuti ka?

Zoi said...

TQ all for the wishes.

Nadia: bisuk sa d Sabah sudah. Yeaay!!!