Monday, September 14, 2009

Blessed Monday to ALL!

One more week to go. For the Muslim, they should be happy now as their fasting month will be ended very very soon and celebrating Hari Raya for another one month. Two of my muslim's friends say 'dugaan makin hebat bila dah nak hujung2 puasa'..hmm..not sure how truth it is since i do not fasting..

I'm not muslim and not fasting but still can't wait for the cuti raya to come. Yeaah..wanna go back home this Friday till 27th September..Nah, kalah2 orang yang mau dear brother said last night, better i buy a plane since i going back to Sabah frequently..hahahaha!

Oh yea..juz can't keep it to myself, i passed the 'Ujian Undang2' last Saturday. 42/50..Lucky me! So i guess, there will be no problem after this especially the JPJ test..still far to go to that level though. I can only continue after the raya holiday..

This week, semester break begins for the Semester 1 students. I will be free the whole week since most of the classes i teach are semester 1 class..Yeaayy..!


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Kris and Nadia said...

Yeah.. congrats ba nanti lepas cuti ble suda ambik L kan :) hihi.. sya pun tumpang gembira jg utk ko dpt jumpa orang2 yg tersayang :)

Zoi said...

thanks nadia..*hugs*