Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am going camping!

2nd October 2009, Friday, 8am.

Yupp..i'm going to Endau Rompin State Park this friday for 3D2N campsite stay. The Park is the 2nd largest national park in West Malaysia. Located in the midst of Johor and Pahang, covering 80,000 hectares of virgin jungle.

The trip is organized by Kelab Pelancongan Jabatan Hospitaliti, PJB and me and a friend have been selected as 'pensyarah pengiring' for the trip.

I searched through the internet regarding the park and yes i found so many info. Well, the organizer do provide the itinerary but i want a short glimpse of what and how things are waiting us there.

Basically, from PJB heading to Kluang by PJB bus, then 3 hours ride of van or 4WD to go to the jetty, an hour boat ride to get to the main entrance before trekking to the campsite...huh..memang adventure la kali ni..and nda sabarnya sia..
At the top of my camping checklist now is a CAMERA!


nc said...

wah..punya best..main naik2 bot satu jam????aduiii..punya jauh ni kn,, then mo trekking lagi kah? huiiii..rindu o saat2 gini..kunun..hhaha..tpi skg mcm inda sggup sda sa buat. - buang karan (kalu sini la..heheh..paham2 ja la..kn)

p/s: kalu outing sndri bulih la..haha

Zoi said...

ya nc..ada sungai lg tu..macam yg kamurang pigi kinabatangan kan..sa mau pigi o satu hari tu sana..