Friday, May 15, 2009

Think Positive / Richly Blessed

I've been thinking hard on what to write as an entry today since arrived at office this morning. I always wanted to write something inspirational thought to share with anyone who stumble upon my blog. A blog that very humble and could be at the last ranking if there are ever blog ranking in the blogs world. But i don't really care since this blog is my perfect avenue to share my journey as a woman, wife and mom, and friend to those can accept as who i am...yewww..sounds boring right?..kadang2 otak sa jadi 'blue'...

So, here it is. I give it 'Think Positive / Richly Blessed' as title as it reflects things that i've gone through so far and how i face and handle it.

Recalling my first day in Politeknik Johor Bahru aka PJB untill now made me think that 'Oh, actually, its not a big matter at all'. I mean, through all the conflicts i face here namely homesick, seniors staff first impression toward me (and the other new lects too), food and so forth..After one phase, i started to tell myself that whatever happen 'THINK POSITIVE'.

Yes, THINK POSITIVE. And the result? I managed to get rid all the negative energy that have been reside in me eversince i first step my foot in this land.

The key is, when other people keep complaining this and that been wrong, me, in contrary try to look at the thing in the positive angle. Its work. I find serenity at every tough situation everytime i THINK POSITIVE. Of course myself effort alone is not make it, but God's hand and blessed came along.

Not long after that, i feel that my life here is RICHLY BLESSED when many positive things come along. I truly conscious that LORD is working in my life. I also realized that i've been ignoring HIM for sometimes as i focus too much on the negative side happening to me couple of months ago.

I'll keep thinking positive to receive more blessing from GOD.

So, to all, Happy Weekend. May God grants you strength to THINK POSITIVE to every negative occurance in your life.


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