Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Some friends has been asking why i wanna smile the whole day today..huahua..
Well, have any one of you outhere praised because of how you look in a particular day?..Huahuahua..again.:)
In my first pregnancy, i never wore maternity dress/gown because i need to ride bus to work. So, i usually wore maternity pants and blouse, and i comfortable with that attire. Never crossed in mind to buy one and wear it..

But, yesterday while doing a little shopping as a preparation to welcome my baby in early October, i saw a maternity gown/dress hung above the babies clothes section..then my heart say

'how do i look in that maternity gown?' ..kept staring at the gowns..hubby then approached me and asked 'why? wanna buy one? maybe you look different when wearing it. Pick one then.' He smile.

Then, i ended buying two gowns, same design;one in pink colour and one in peach colour.(In my heart say; lets see how friends are going to say tomorrow).

Today's morning;

After sending my son to his care centre, heading towards our car where hubby is waiting to send me to office. Getting into the car and sat next to him, this is his word 'mummy looks pretty in that gown.' I looked at him say 'really? thank you. Maybe because you never see me wearing a maternity dress while expecting YongYong (my son)'. Gave him a smile too.

Arrived at office:

Colleague 1 : Morning Eve (my nickname among office mates), you look beautiful in that gown.

Me: Morning too. Really? Well, i feel a bit awkward actually. This is my first time wearing a maternity gown.

Colleague 2: Eh Eve, this is my first time seeing you wearing a maternity gown. Look different but, you look cute!

Me: Thank you dear..duh, your praises makes me feel wanna fly oo! haha!

Colleague 3: Eve, aiyoo..you look so sweet in that gown..feel wanna hug you la.

Me: You are the fourth person praise me today..thank you and come la hug me..haha! (this person is a 'she' ok, not 'he')

Well, thinking back of all friends respons, i now sure that 'i wasn't look that much weird wearing a maternity gown. (' i look weird wearing that gown' kind of thinking all this while just beacuse i never wore even once before).

Yours truly with mute and deaf students during class today for food and beverage service course.

:)...me, 7 months pregnant.


Isabel said...

hehe..cute bah. Sya nda pernah pkai maternity gown aa..sebab sya msa pregnant dulu d ums, jalan kali naik turun tangga n bukit mau pegi kelas. kalo pkai maternity gown, doii...hubby pernah mau kasi beli, tapi sya yg nda mau.huhu..

zoi said...

hi isabel..cuba gia..mcm len perasaan dia..haha! janggal sikit da tp selesa juga pula..cuma, nda boleh beli banyak2 o. habis bila x pregnant, nda boleh pakai. kalau blouse, masih boleh..

nc said...

bah..ngam laitu.. bila lagi kn.. sa pun nda pnah npk ko pkai mcm tu dlu..hehe..
sia tiada beli maternity punya gown..tpi smua yg basar2 di pinggang n perut sja la..hehe..supaya bulih lagi pakai nanti ;)
mahal ba..gown maternity yg betul2

Uzoeiy @ Zoi said...

iya ba nc..senang sikit cari dan murah kalau yg blouse maternity tu..kasi padan dengan seluar. byk buli beli..sia beli ni kan, tingu harga juga and style, nasib nda mahal sangat. Lama juga sy cari2 ni..hehe..