Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Polytechnic Kota Kinabalu 15th Convocation

Just would like to share the recent event in Polytechnic Kota Kinabalu. The 15th Convocation on 19th - 20th July 2011.

The banner.

The Convocation Book.

Happy faces. All their hardwork had been paid off! (teringat zaman-zaman konvo

(Credit to Mr. Ahmad Kassim @ Ce' Mat - my colleagues and the photographer. Thank you for giving me permission using his photo in this blog)

Below, yours truly with colleagues after on duty for the whole day,taking a last minute chance to jalan-jalan at Gerai Konvo.

O latest doctor check-up yesterday. I am weighing 57kg with 10 hb..everything great so far. Except for that hb level. Doctor set me for next check up next two weeks..huhu..have to work hard to level up my hb..some food contain high iron now in mind- must fill my fridge with them before the next check up..mau makan hari2..:)


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zoi, nice pics....And very happy parents.
Now the graduates have that tough road ahead in life.
With patience and hard work they will make it.

Good to hear you doing fine, health-wise.
Keep it up....
Wishing you the very best.

kay masingan said...

zoi...ingat time kita konvo dulu....tetap kenangan yang manis...

zoi said...

Uncle Lee,
yepp..its a good feeling seeing my ex-students have succeded in their academic and now looking forward to see their progress in their future undertaking, after graduates from polytechnic; either pursuing their education or working full time.
Thanks God, reaching 7 months of my pregnancy, i'm doing great and really looking forward to see baby out to the world..its for another 3 months. Thank u for always dropping by here.