Wednesday, September 21, 2011

16 September

I am 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant..yesterday's check-up i am weighing 61kg... time flies. Super fast! Its almost time or to be in exact..ANYTIME. How i wish i deliver my baby today! The waiting is not a good thing to do..

However so far, i do not yet feel any contraction but its the other matters that make me so uncomfortable.I can not even walk properly due to the pain i feel 'down there' . Its because baby's head is entering the 'pelvic bones' to get ready to be delivered..anytime till the due date. Thanks to the doctor and nurses with their clear explanation why in every pregnancy, a mum will experience different problems. I understand more now.

With my belly growing like a superbig honeydew hidden under my cloth (its my colleague refering my belly to a honeydew,..haha!) still come to the office and settle things that i should before i give birth. Still teaching too and respect me for not just sitting at teacher's desk while teaching..masih larat ba berdiri ni selama 2 jam utk ajar tu budak-budak..:)

Hubby is on leave already, just to make sure he is available whenever i need him. Grateful to have him around, especially in the matter of doing housechores..preparing meals, doing laundry, helping me to handle our growing son YongYong with his increasing demands,..and..etc..

Come to mom and baby checklist - all done and ready. If anytime i feel the sign of delivering baby, tinggal angkat seja.. all checked.

Sooo...what's with the title '16 September'?

It was my birthday. The day i turned exactly 32 years old. No big celebration. But i feel so glad that i got all i want on my birthday..cakes. Yes, its plural.i had cheese cake, chocolate cake and tiramisu.... and ice-cream too..vanilla ice-cream coated with chocolate..nyumnyum.!

Also, on the day i turned 32 years old, i made a special visit: I visited my friend Nancy P. Liew - my university-mate, ex-housemate, ex-colleague, an- active blogger, an-online entrepeneur and for sure my good friend, with her new born baby girl ; Neve Sunduvan J..

Me, my son YongYong and Baby Neve on the visit day. :)
(photo reposted from Nancy's blog)

With Nancy & baby Neve in the crib..kesian dia, mau tidur tp kena kacau-kacau..:)

and..extra pictures of that son is on bad mood after being told to not to get things out of Nc's tv cabinet..huhu..sempat lagi ba dia..

Notice the book in front of him? Its a birthday gift from Nancy..contains 60,000 thousands of baby boys' and girls' name that one can choose from...i haven't finished reading it..haha! banyak betul ba..

Still confuse with the babe's gender, not decided to pick any name yet..but i do have a list though..kasi standby seja..:)


nc said...

wa..masih bulih update blog ni..ok la ba tu, jn buat keja yg berat2 sja la.

kasi buang dlu gia itu perkataan online entrepenuer (nah, ejaan pun sa nda tau sda..haha) sb mcm inda aktif sda ni. kekekeke..lain kali lagi la klu sa rajin balik.

nyway..happy bday again. sa rasa inda lama lagi tu..hehe
tk care..

zoi said...

hi nc..hehe..masih lg, ari ni last day sia week cuti sdh sia..semalam sempat mimpi sy sdh delivered ni..adedeh..