Friday, May 20, 2011

Feeling Down.

I don't like this feeling. Though i am smart enough to hide it from everyone around me but, inside i'm crying. I hate it, really!

Well, i think that it shouldn't be as complicated as this if you respons to me positively at the first time. But you didn't. You let my feeling drown with dissapointment until i couldn't bear it any longer.

Is it to difficult to handle me? some more in my condition right now. You never understand, a woman need to be persuaded whenever she is sulking. Easy right?

See what happen when you keep your EGO maintain? World is made two for us. One is yours and one is mine. I am sure, neither your or me like it.

You say, you are going to be crazy of this, but i tell you, you are the one who made it this worst.

Not me.

You want it this way, you get exactly like this. Satisfy now? I hope you do.


amesheeba said...

Hmm chill mis...actually I am feeling down too....sia pn malas suda ni mo simpan dlm hati...jan la mis mara lama2 kio

Uzoeiy @ Zoi said...

amy..nda juga ba ni, marah secara profesional kunu ni..hehehe. nda mau juga marah lama2 ni, baby kedut2 nanti bila keluar..haha!

Kay Masingan said...

be strong ya. jgn ikut sangat perasaan tu. u not in rite condition to feeling down tu sekarang...

zoi said...

mrng cath: ya, cuma kadang2 ada benda2 yg terkeluar dr kawalan. tpi sekejap ja la. nda juga sia kasi lama2.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zoi, not sure what's the circumstances, but do take it easy.
Words spoken in anger not easy to take back.
Best let things cool down, whatever....take a couple of steps back....

Life and love will always have its hiccups.....or stormy waters.
Just beware of the rocks, or running out of gas.
You stay easy, keep well.

Uzoeiy @ Zoi said...

Hello Lee,
thank u so much for the warmful thought. i agree with u, anger makes people say things they shouldn't. but after it pass, thing get more better than before.

Thank u again.