Thursday, March 17, 2011

My first and 2nd pregnancy: The Difference.

The latest me..di depan pintu masuk 'Tagal', Sg. Moroli, Kg Luanti Ranau. --will blog about my visit to Tea Garden and Kg Luanti last week.


My pregnancy has come to the 11th weeks. But my belly still look flat. Macam tiada apa2 dalam perut. Poor baby, its maybe because this time i don't really have good appetite. So, lambat baby membesar. I guess la.

If compared to my first pregnancy i noticed certain things that i didn't experience. Just would like to share on what have been going since 2 months ago:

1. I easily get mad at things that i don't use to. Especially when students do not understand what i teach them, even after i repeat for two or three times and by the fourth times, na kena marah la tu budak2 tu..bukan apa, from what i observed they don't have initiative to read notes and find the meaning in the dictionary. Mau juga saya suap satu2 maksud tu lain cerita pula pasal saya cepat marah ni..i remember last week i scolded my neighbour who lives at 2nd floor. Siapa suruh dia menyapu and then terus buang di bawah, koridor kami yang baru saya sapu kotor balik. Nasib Yong2 nda kena oleh tu sampah and habuk2 yang dibuang tu.

2. Become very lazy to prepare meal..especially when dealing with chicken and fish..i can't stand the smell. I don't eat them too. Except for Kentucky Fried Chicken and the steam fish at a restaurant located at 1st floor Centre Point Shopping Complex.

3. Don't like it when my son minta manja2. Kesian si Yong2. Is it a sign that this time i am expecting a baby girl? Really hope so. But if baby boy again, i don't mind also. Ada juga kawan si Yong2 bergusti....errmm..Another one thing, i also don't like when hubby sleep too close to me. That's why our queen bed size now is added with a single bed. Terus jadi Extra King Size..wuahaha! I like. Besar space saya mau tidur. Ngenge!

4. Become very lazy to do housechores especially doing laundry, sweeping and folding clothes. I just don't know why. Hope my baby will not be a lazy person la kan..dulu pantang nampak benda2 dalam rumah tidak tersusun, mesti mula mengemas dan siap naik kerusi lagi lap-lap cermin.

Setakat ni, itulah major differences yang saya dapat kenal pasti berbanding first pregnancy dulu..and have to admit it that this time i am not as excited as the first one...just don't have idea why.....:(


CathJ said...

Oh.. same here... so much different my 1st pregnancy and 2nd one... this 2nd one very challening dari segi emosi and fizikal..

oh gosh.. all the best...

Uzoeiy @ Zoi said...

thanks for coming Cathj. we r in the same ship la ni kan ..huhu..Good luck to you too!

amesheeba said...

OMG mis! sia pn gitu kama...sia ingat sia ja gitu....kadang laki sia marah ni napa sia makin malas sia paksa ja dri wat tu keja....n anak sia pn slalu sa mara dia...kesian huhu