Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am flying.. / Award

...without wings! haha!

I finally decided to take leave and fly back to Sabah with My Yong2.

In fact, i wanted to wait till the transfer result comes out. But since JPPKK postponed it till an unknown date, i decided to put my mode on 'JUST WAIT' but in fact i did call some officers (because i can't 'JUST WAIT') to ask for my result but the last officer's PA i talked to told me that 'Saya belum menerima arahan untuk memberitahu'. Well, lucky me coz i did not got scolded for asking many times!:)

At office now. Office is very quite. Only few of us left. Everyone takes leave during this mid semester break. Some went to Beijing, some to KL but still some need to go on-duty at Tg Piai Resort in conjunction with the seminar held there. Yesterday, i was being 'proposed' also to on-duty there but i can't go because i already booked flight ticket to Sabah tomorrow.

Orait now, its time to do Nc's award:

Thank you Nancy for the award (walau pun sia kurang sgt berblogging dan blos sia pun lama sdh nda dihias-hias).

(haha..sikijap a, sia pg blog Nc dulu, lupa sudah sia apa mo tulis)

Okay, sia buat yang rule number 3 dulu a. Apa itu a, 7 things you don't know about me and they are:...jengjengjeng..banyak ni tapi kena suruh bagi 7 ja kan..hehhe.

1. Still dun have my own driving license. (oww..malu o, sdh umur 31 tahun masih nda habis2 belajar memandu. Sengaja kasi blur lg ni.)

2. I am a 'Mama Garang'. (Jangan x tau, kalau Yong2 x dengar cakap, rotan tapak tangan wo)

3. Must brush my teeth and wash my foot before going to sleep. If not can not sleep till morning o!

4. Talented at writing poem and novel but i keep it all to myself only. :) segan mo kasi keluar.

5. Its not easy for me to cool down again after i got angry. It take days for me to recover even with my hubby. My bad!

hmm..apa lg a?

6. Oh about hubby, he is not first luv and i never dream of him as my husband. Because he is not my taste duuuuuluuu la..but now, he is my luv. Hahha, of course la sudah jadi hubby kan. And nothing can change my love for him. Eisehh.

Na..satu lg,

7. Its about work, when i done the task that i appointed to and somebody tell me i did not without checking first, huh, it really makes my day ruin. So, working with me, better check first before commenting or else i'll IGNORE that person till time heals me.

Rule number 2:

This award is given to

1. Angeline Mimie Joimol - a very gorgeous mummy

2. Yuz- my new blogger friend
That's all for now. Going out for lunch with friend now. :)


Kris and Nadia said...

:) yeah, tidak terlambat ka sya wish ko Happy Kaamatan :) yay, sya blum buat lg ni tag.. ba nanti sya pun mo buat la..hihi..

Zoi said...

Hai Nad..hahha..tahun ni sa nda terhidu pun kaamatan oo. terstuck sini JB. Mcm suma org masih dlm mood kaamatan kali ni. ada ja post kawan2 d fb pasal mabuks2 ni..hehe.
sia buat tag si NC, nda ikut rule..hihihii..