Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'll be on-leave for 6 days. So, u may guess what will happen: quiet blog.

Well, i like my holiday this time because i'll be going back to my very humble kampung.I don't say i don't like going back to my MIL home. But there is no better place other than the place where you were born. Even tough my kampung is only supplied with electricity now (water supply is in progress) but i still love it. I have my mum, my dad, cousins, nephew and nieces, the chicken, buffalo, river, kampung food, the mud during raining, the backyard, the sunset and sunrise that has a very nice view from our veranda, the mosquito that always welcoming my hubby (hubby seja kena gigit oleh tu nyamuk, haha.) ,etc, ect....hmmm..just can't wait to reach home tomorrow.

Actually, i going back because its my 2nd younger sister (have two sisters only - the 10th & 11th) engagement this Saturday. At first i'm not be able to attend due to these two words 'keputusan ditangguhkan' but 'peduli la kamurang mau tangguh2 keputusan'. You guys don't even tolerate with me even i had explained why i need to know it ASAP. Bikin sia gerigitan seja!

Meanwhile, i dun want to fill my mind with those problems and pending things. Mau heppi heppi naik burung besi esok.

That's all for today. See ya!

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