Tuesday, June 15, 2010

God is indeed an 'Ultraman'

Still in kampung at my MIL house.

Last night before we went to sleep as usual we prayed. Hubby, Yong2 and me. Me praying loudly while Yong2 is repeating what i'm saying as usual everytime we pray. He put his hands together and pretending closing his eyes and start mumbling.

When come to last sentence of my prayer, i was saying 'God..' suddenly Yong2 say 'Ultraman' and we laughed because of that. Then, i say to him 'Yes Yong2, God is an Ultraman'. He replied 'hmmm..'.

In our everyday life, we breath, we walk, we eat and everything we do is only by the grace of our mighty God. No other than HIM alone. So, maybe in my son's thought, God is an Ultraman who can defeat and always win every battle defeating the evil just like Ultraman did.

I guess, there is no wrong if we thought in the way a kid thinking.
And for me, Yes. He is such an 'ULTRAMAN' to us.


nc said...

ultrAMEn..dia dgr slu mangkali ba tu..haha

bah, bila ko turun kk

Zoi said...

haha..Dia ni tidur ka, bangun ka, rakssemua ultraman. Ko bawa la dia bercerita pasal Ultraman, sambil beraksi dia crita.

Nanti saya sms a.

My ordinary life said...

So cute of yongyong, know how to pray...& so funny for the ultraman..hehe...miss u, evelyn & yongyong too! :)

Zoi said...

Hello there tan, ya, we miss u oso. Its so wonderful actually growing with a kid like Yong2. Talkative, hyperactive, manja somemore.

Hope i can pindah sabah so can reunion always with u all.