Sunday, January 10, 2010

Things would be very different if.. spare a bit of your anger and give me a little respect!

I really wants to keep it by myself but i think its better to share it. Sharing is caring right? ):.

This is the ONLY thing that really mark 2009 in my life. I can say it's the BITTER. Whole of my life i never met a friend who acted so childish and give up friends over a very small matter.

Okay, let me share you this incident about three housemates (A, B and C(me)) went shopping for one week kitchen groceries supply. Previously, they used to happily go shopping together for kitchen supplies.

Early on after work A and B were agreed that they wanted to eat; 'Crabs cooked with Chilli sauce ' for the dinner.

So at the market, they were happily picking their preferred vegetables, fish, fruits and other kitchen needs.

Arrived at one stall selling fresh crabs;

A : C, Look! These crabs are fresh. Should we buy from this stall?

C: Hmmm..okay. The price is also reasonable.(RM10 per kilo). Ini ketam pun masih berat. Masih banyak isi. (i learn this from my father: ketam berat maksudnya masih banyak isi).

B came a minute later and say:

B: Mahal la..(while looking at the price tag and show disagree face).

A with sour face;

A: Ba, kalau kamu mau beli, beli la! ('A' say it with a high and rough voice tone)

After that A leave B and C and the Crab Stall Owner, dumbfounded. What was actually happened?

B and C were left speechless. But to cover the situation, B and C were pretending nothing happened and finally bought 3 crabs from the stall.(one for each of them la).

A never came back to join the rest of the shopping. Later C found out that A bought her own food separately. C still wondering what made A acted such a way and seems so irritated by B. B told C that perhaps A mad at her because she said the crab price was expensive.
C said:

C: What!!???just beacuse of that? But why? so childish!

The incident ruined their day even they pretend normal.

Back at home, cooking time. A never came down to the kitchen with B and C. Even the Crab cooked with Chilli Sauce B and C prepared, A never touched till the dish spoiled (her portion). C's kept reminding A to eat her portion. (c said, nanti kempunan). But the dish was remain untouched.

The stories about A, B and C not ended there..for about a month, A talk less and never joined B and C cooking (let alone dinner together). A only came down to kitchen when B and C already eaten and went into their room. A also never told B or C if she went out like she staying alone in the house! What an attitude as a housemate, right? since then,their days were not as happier as before. Meanwhile for B and C, things go on as usual because there is nothing between them. Still good friends.

Days passed by. There is no improvement in A's attitude. In this situation, C felt that A really pissed of by B and nothing to do with her. However, A seems treating C the same way. C kept trying hard to fix the situation but she failed. A acted the same way. A only talk when B or C talk first.

Then suddenly C realized that she ever posted something on her facebook status about the incident because C regretted and couldn't understand why A acted such way and C 100% sure that because of the post, A behave the same way towards her. C felt guilty but things will never could be fixed out again. Even worse!

Presently, A is no longer staying with B and C. Since B and C seems can get along to each other, they decided to move out from the old house they rented and moved in to new one where they can start a new story as a good friend.

Meanwhile for C, she still keep things in her heart about A's attitude toward her in the passed. She kept in heart that A never told her face to face that she wanted to move out from the house. She only heard it from outsiders. In C's opinion, as a housemate, if someone wanted to move out from the house then she must informed B and C nicely about her intention. At least show your respect to your housemate, right? This is another thing that C regretted about A. Until now.

C having a hard time to find strength to talk to A. Its all about the DISAPOINTMENT C's keep in her heart since then.

So dearest friends,
Please help C's with her DISAPOINTMENT by living your comment after reading..C's will appreciate it so much and hope C's could do something with it.

(Amazingly, i feel much better after i wrote down my DISAPPOINTMENT in my blog).

Love ya and Thank you.


Cath J said...

Ohhh.... My..... Goshhhh.... Only because of that???

But you see.. the more closer we are to the person..lagi lah sensitive we are...thats why small matter pun boleh jadi big argument..

Kalau my opinion.. if really2 mau take A bck to your life.. beli hadiah.. and just say sorry if I ever hurt you feelings... biar pun kita ni tiada lah salah pun...

selalu it will work for them yg ego (Sorry to say)... but if it doesn't work..nah... byk lagi kawan out there.. (Like me... ah-hemm)... ^_^

Selalu nya kena ada org yg mengalah.. I gone thru this.. BUt I will always be the 1 yg mengalah , biar pun I don't knw where I did wrong..

All the best k...


Zoi said...

dear CathJ,
thanks for visiting and also thank u for ur opinion..
actually things were better at the time i wrote this entry.
Ya, dlm persahabatan mengaku salah dan minta maaf walau pun bukan salah kita, memang bukan pilihan semua orang termasuk saya.
as for now, we're okay but just not keep in touch like before.
somehow, things will never be the same again kan.
anyway, tq.