Monday, January 25, 2010

My Monday

Its Monday.
Its the third day of Mourning Week for all Johorian after the death of Sultan Johor.
I was still a bit worried since i'm not Johorian and i'm not sure if i must dress the proper attire for mourning or not.The government had early announced that for seven days, Johorian must wear white shawl for female Muslims, and white-stripped Songkok for male. While for non-Muslim, they must wear a piece of black cloth on their arm.

Well, today to office i wore my brown baju kurung. No black-piece of cloth at my hand. Arrived at office, i can see most Muslims colleague were wearing white shawl/tudung. While, male staff put on their white- striped Songkok. One of my colleague said he cut his white unused shirt to make the white stripe on his Songkok..(haha..dia bilang yang baju kursus BTN yang memang nda buli pakai sudah sebab budak sekolah saja pakai).

Have you ever heard if you are not following the mourning dress code,authority will punish you? It happens here in Johor. Colleagues mentioned many of their friends already kena saman while their on the way to office for not following the dress-code. My only Indian's colleague remind me to follow because her friend was fined rm70 by the police this morning. Another colleague who is just came back from a shopping complex also told us that she saw a person was fined rm300 for the same offense. Na..daripada kena saman/denda bagus ikut saja kan..Muslim's friend who's not wearing white tudung also changed immediately when our head of department told them to do so. Authorities are also checking people in shopping complexes. So, beware if you are visiting Johor at this moment ya..Its not aim to burden people but its to make people respect the late as their former Sultan.

Hmm..its a new experience for me living in one of the state ruled by a King..good for me.

Oh yeah..forgot to mentioned that today is also pay day for govt servants.hehehee.. I transferred money here and there and..uhhhaa....and guess how much $$$$$ left in my account? errr..boleh planning for shopping this time around. Mau berjimat kononnya..i tell my housemate 'kalau satu baju, boleh lagi la'..hahhaa, woman! I must disciplined myself lorr..(*^^).

This evening, me and housemate were so lazy to cook. So, we had our dinner at restaurant nearby our house.(teda kereta jadi x ble g jauh2..~~~~)

Above: Restoran Masakan Tomyam
Below: we chose to sit at the open air where cars passing by every now and then. Sambil makan sambil sedut asap kereta..hahha..

Below: my housemate sipping her Teh Tarik..(picture published with her permission)

I ate Tomyam Bihun..just so-so. Taste spicy. Untill now i still can feel the 'spicy' in my stomach..panas perut ni, confirm esok pagi cirit-birit!

My housemate had this Mee Bandung. she claimed it is too spicy..i tried it, memang spicy but yummy.

Well, that's my Monday all about. No Monday blues lorr..its only in our mind set. Kalau fikir Monday Blues, maka 'blue' la Monday anda..

(Eh hehey..i can't wait for Thursday woo!!)

till then!

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