Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How about my Tuesday?

Life today is just so-so but still grateful for everything i gone through. Itu mesti la kan..
Since i have no lecture the whole day, i took the opportunity to prepare class attendance sheets, preparing questions for assignment and etc..routine in every beginning of semester..A lecture's life!
No regret, its my choice to be here: or to be true 'its my choice to be a lecturer.

In the evening, at first i don't have any plan to go out but then suddenly my bro called ask for some financial help. So, i went to one of the Shopping Complex where cash deposit machine is still opened till midnight i guess. Done at the cash deposit machine. So, where do you think i'm heading?
Shopping Complex!!!
Oh no, it was really not a good idea because i promised to cut my shopping expenses especially on unplanned things..tapi itu kaki sia kan menghala juga ke sana ba..hishh.
But hey..i was VERY good today because i didn't buy anything for myself. I shopped for YongYong needs..lucky Yong2 kan. I bought him a new Baby Kiko sweater, two new milk bottles (Baby Kiko brand oso), a big packet of formula milk and also a big bag of Drypers Drypantz..i found that pants type of diapers are easier to handle especially when My YongYong refuses to lay down to wear his diapers.
Hmm..let me think back..wuaa.. I just bought three milk bottles last month and sweater lama dia pun masih ada dan masih boleh pakai..Aiyoo...nda pa la..well, Lucky you My YongYong..every month you will get a new milk bottles of different shapes..hehee..
tia tau kenapa, saya suka beli botol susu yang bermacam-macam bentuk. I always adore the pink colour but..err..tak kan sia mau bagi YongYong pink pula kan..hello mummy, i'm a boy okay!-mungkin YongYong akan cakap begitu kalau sia beli colour pink kan..hahha!Mummy wouldn't do that my boy!
Oh yeah..just now, i called the RHB Bank customer service centre to report about my credit card..huhuu..kena blok ba sia punya online transaction, trus nda dapat beli tiket ni..geram betul,ermm..salah sy juga sbb lupa-lupa ingat tu password sia. The person who picked up my call was a guy. Funny sebab mula-mula cakap slang semenanjung tapi mungkin dia nampak details sia orang Sabah, trus slang dia berubah jadi bunyi Sabahan. At first i ignore and i mantain my slang semenanjung juga, tapi lama-lama makin dia cakap Sabahan. So, sia tanya la dia orang sabah ka apa. Iya dia cakap. Trus berbual sekejap ni, siap tanya2 Sabah mana lagi..hahha..maksudnya orang tu nda sombong la kan. Jumpa Sabahan, cakap Sabahan.Walau pun di telefon ja. Hidup Sabahan!!Peace no war!! eisehh..tiba2 pula ni..
Okay, enough for today update..mau sambung belajar law lagi ni. Bisuk ada kelas, subjek law nda buli tipu2 @ kelentong sama budak2..nanti kena saman sia bg info salah..
oraiitt..caw cincau!!!
till then.

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