Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rose Cottage

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

So happy today i got online . Where? hihii..If u are away from ur hometown, internet is the fastest way to stay connect to ur loved ones and family and friends. So, today me and friends heading to Rose Cottage, just about 20 minutesfrm the house that we rent to use this inn free WIFI. Check in? not necessarily. We just park our car outside the cottage and there we enjoy the free WIFI! hehehhe..but limited to the life of battery that i think only could last for 45 minutes. But at least, i've done the things that i want to do. And i better shorten my entry before my laptop 'tidur'..

Waiting for next monday for free WIFI again!

1 comment:

Zoi said...

huahua..gara2 mo cepat sampai salah2 typing sdh sa.