Friday, February 13, 2009

Jalan Jalan

Horaaay..tomorrow is weekend! This is my first weekend here. Well, of course it will be different with the weekend that i used to have in Sabah (w/out baby and hubby)..sighed..

We are planning to go Jalan-jalan in JB Town tomorrow. So, not sure what will we do and see.

i'll update again next week.

Till then, Happy weekend all!


The Dusun Aroma said...

Haloo orang seberang.. hehe jadi urang seberang sudha ko :)

nice to hear that everything is well with u Zoi.. (I hope u've got the 'thing' from ACIC ald k.,) perhaps it's not too much to say that, we did fought for IT in a very little ways :)

ahh ticket kl-sabah sekranga very cheap, 3 perosn less than 200 lorr ( promo) ^.^

Bah, till then. take care :)

Yeppi Val's day :D

Zoi said...

Hi val, i've to convince myself tht everything is doing well here..kalau nda, meraung2 sa nangis nanti..hihi..

Ya, i got ody. Last thursday. Sia d 'seberang' sdh pun masih sia kejar oo..kalau nda dorng buat2 lupa tu..grateful because thats my last hurdle with the company. Starting next month, i dont hv to beg for IT anymore..Thanks God!

btw, i pray also that ACIC will become better in that 'thing' for the betterment of the staff.

haiya..ticket aa? lepas first gaji br sa dapat bili o..